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Kids Kuts Complaint - Worst Haircut Experience EVER
Kids Kuts Complaint

Kids Kuts Complaint


Worst Haircut Experience EVER

I took my three-year old daughter to Kids Kuts at Trickum and Shallowford Road in Marietta after searching the internet for a child friendly establishment for her first haircut. Eight minutes passed from the time I entered the door to the time anyone of the four employees there acknowledged me or my daughter (with only two customers in the shop!) and even then, only because I asked one of them if she could use there restroom while we were waiting. Patiently. I waited 24 minutes total before anyone there asked how they could help me. When my daughter was finally in a chair, the stylist, Sabra, was running around obviously very upset about some personal drama that she should have left at home. When she finally put her cell phone down to talk to us and get started, she looked at my daughter and spoke to me "So, what did you want to do with it?" with such an awful attitude that I almost picked up my child and walked out the door right then. I should have. I told her what we wanted and that I would like to get my own hair cut, preferably at the same time if possible (so my child wouldn’t be running around while I was confined to a chair by my roots). But I was already thinking that I should just skip my cut if it was going to be this bad. Not one of the other stylists, or Sabra, asked me what I wanted about my hair or initiated my process. They talked to themselves, on their cell phones, etc. even after telling me that they could start us both at the same time. Sabra put the scissors down three times to pick up her ringing cell phone while she was cutting my daughter's hair. I don't think I've seen a more unprofessional act. I was disgusted.
At the register the girl only rang me up for one haircut, when I tried to correct her she explained that since we donated my daughter’s hair to Lock’s of Love, her cut was free. I was surprised and said, “Well, okay.” I still tipped our stylists (except especially unprofessional Sabra) 20%. I chatted with another mom customer there for a few minutes and then was approached by my stylist who told me that I did have to pay for my daughter’s cut, that donations do not exempt payment, as if I was trying to get away with something. Ha. I told her that I had no problem paying for it, that I had expected to, and that I was surprised to hear that I didn’t have to in the first place. I wanted my tip back.
The same stylist who did my hair seemed to be quite new at this, and the back of my hair turned out very uneven. You couldn’t pay me to go back there, for a haircut, manicure, or even to use their “employee’s only” restroom.

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bonniej says: (9 years ago)

It is not about how "wonderful" of a salon, or how "great" the "girls" are (By “girls,” I can only assume you are referring to the other stylists who work there.), or whether or not they "cut hair," or about their "involvement in the community," or what they do "for free!" If you think my complaint had anything to do with the above-mentioned things, then you obviously did not read or understand what I wrote! I really do not care what they do that is free, that is not why I went there, and that has nothing to do with why I’ll never go back. None of those things has anything to do with their job performance. Which, that day, was terrible. That you would mention those things in reply to my review says plenty about your reading comprehension ability.

Yes, this is a public forum, and I did dream of posting here about my awful experience because that is what this public forum was intended for: reviewing businesses, whether it be a positive or negative review!!! My review was so extremely negative because:
• I waited for twenty four minutes before anyone spoke to me
• Sabra didn’t accommodate most of my requests
• They are supposed to be a child-orientated establishment but don’t offer a restroom
• Sabra made her personal problems known to me and my daughter and anyone else in a quarter mile radius
• Stylist stood around socializing when they should have been working on my hair
• They could not ring me up and cash me out correctly without having to do it twice! (They told me my daughter’s cut was free and then after cashing me out told me that I had to pay for it!)

The entire experience was utterly annoying and unprofessional.

Yes, maybe Sabra was having a bad day on personal note, however, if she was, she should have been more professional than she was and left her attitude and problems at home. No one should act as she did in his or her place of employment, no matter what his or her problem or profession is! If it was such a devastating personal problem, then maybe she was not in any position to be coming into work that day. For the record, I am not attacking anyone on a personal level; I am simply reviewing an experience I had with a business. This forum intended for doing just that. You do not seem to understand that main concept, and that you would have a problem with that baffles me. Do you go through all the complaints on this forum and make negative comments and replies about those too?

Sincerely Honest,

PS. Whom is this ‘Wendy’ that you are agreeing with?

PPS. The proper word for the occupation is “Stylist,” not “girls.” If I were they, someone degrading my career title in such a way as you did would offend me.

PPPS. The correct spellings are: ‘been,’ ‘level,’ ‘environment,’ and ‘friendly.’ Did you make into High School with those grammar and spelling skills, Heather?

HeatherV says: (9 years ago)
I have to agree with Wendy Kids Kuts Salon has bee around for over 9 years and I have been going there for my kids and now my Grand Kids. The salon has a very freindly enviroment and perhaps that was a bad day for Sabra on a personal note. The girls she has are wonderful and every time I go I get great service and would never dream of writing anything bad about the salon or attack anyone on a personal leval unless I knew the problems, especially in a public enviroment! Shame on you for trying to degrade a wonderful Salon and a great group of girls that not only cut hair but always are involved in the community and do tons of stuff for FREE!

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